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Natural Hog Casings

Natural hog casings for sausage production, allow to create products with a maximum quality and with the best flavor, odor and excellent texture to be able to enjoy this product.

Hog casings are sold in “hanks” which is the most common unit of measure. Each hank is approximately 91 meters long.

In Ecotrip we have different standarts:

  • Ecotrip bag: conservation in brine. 2 hanks per bag. Cubes of 6, 14 and 36 hanks.
  • Net: conservation: salted. 1 hank per net. Cubes of 60, 50, 240 hanks.

We have tubed casings in soft and semi-rigid tubes, hog casing nerve and fat, fatends, afterends and chitterlings.

Natural hog casings

Due to its characteristics, they are used to make sausage with a wider caliber, it consists of a resistance that the sheep casing does not have. It is used for the manufacturing of typical Spanish products such as chorizo, fuet or chorizo criollo as well as for pepperoni or bratwurst. Here we show you the sausages that can be made with the different calibers available in this type of casing, in addition to the capacity that it can contain, approximately.



Appr. Capacity

Product Examples

30mm/- 41 kg/- White Butifarra, Manchego Chorizo
30-32mm 41/45kg Morcilla pine nuts, White Butifarra, Catalan Butifarra, Manchego Chorizo, Creole Chorizo
32-35mm 48/52kg White Butifarra, Rioja Chorizo, Catalan Butifarra, Aragón Longaniza, Fresh Chorizo
35-38mm 52/57 kg Galician Chorizo, Jabuguitos, Chorizo riojano
38/44mm 57/61kg Galician Chorizo, Jabuguitos, Catalonian Fuet, Fresh Chorizo
42/44mm 59/64kg Catalonian Fuet
44/+ 61-68kg Catalonian Fuet


We hope it helped you, Thank you very much!