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Sausages of the world

We all know the typical sausages of our country, but what type of sausage is consumed in the rest of the world? Today at Ecotrip we tell you about it.

We start with Germany. German sausages are recognized in the world for their quality, the most famous in this country are:

  • Bratwurst: These sausages vary depending on which region they belong to, with at least 40 varieties of them. In general, this sausage is composed of veal mixed with pork or beef.
  • Currywurst: This kind of sausages is so well known that it has its own museum in Berlin. The pork stuffing combines perfectly with a tomato sauce mixed with the curry that goes together with it. We leave you the link of the Deutsches Currywust museum so you can take a look at it.
  • Weißwurst: This sausage is well-known “white sausage”, made with minced meat in small pieces of veal and pork seasoned with spices. It is usually accompanied with beer and mustard. It’s more typical in Munich.

The Italian gastronomic wealth is also found in the sausages that are made in this country, the best known are:

  • Zampone di Moderna: It is traditional in northern Italy; it is a mix of pork.
  • Salami: It is a mixture of beef and pork seasoned with garlic. It is characterized by being smoked and cured in the air. It is traditionally made with pork. In Milan, in addition to its traditional preparation, pepper and white wine are added.

We could not forget about France. This country is a big consumer of sausages and hams, with a settled industry and very demanding consumers. The most common sausages in France are:

  • Andouille: This sausage does not need to be cooked. It is made with parts of the intestine of a pig, salted, dried and smoked with beech wood. They are stuffed by rolling the pieces without addition of fat or flour, more salt, pepper and condiments.
  • Saucisson: It is a variety of sausage and is prepared with pork or mixed with other types of meat. It is used to add salt, sugar, spices, among others.

Europe is not the only place where sausage is consumed, out of Europe we can also find countries that consume sausages as for the United States, China and North Africa.

In the United States, the best-known sausage is Pepperoni. Although it is thought that his origin is Italian, the truth is that its name is badly translated. “Peperoni” is the plural of “peperone” which is the Italian name of paprika. In America, it used to call like that a spicy sausage similar to salami.

On the other side in China the most common sausage is the Lap Cheong. It is a type of sausages that include typical ingredients of Chinese cuisine, such as ginger, rice, wine, soy sauce, garlic and pepper. They are not smoked and it is used to serve them in cooked dishes. Other varieties such as xue gao and xue chang are filled with animal blood.

To finish this route around the world we ended up in North Africa where Merguez is traditional. It is also popular in France and Israel. It is made with lamb, beef, or both and stuffed in a sheep casing. The variety of spices that flavor it starts from sumac, paprika, pepper, to fennel or garlic. It is spicy and is served on the grill or with couscous.


These are the best known sausage varieties in the world, we hope you liked them.

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