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Natural Dry Casings By United Caro

Natural Dry Casings

Our natural dry casing was created to meet the needs of our customers; with the aim of combining the advantages of natural casings and artificial casings in a single product.

Thanks to our dry natural casings we have managed to increase the efficiency in the processes where salted natural casings were used; as well as to increase the productivity of our customers with the help of a strong mechanical resistance since the product strands are longer, they are optimized the processes of stuffing, it is possible to obtain regular calibers and the same advantages of curing and flavor that are obtained with salted natural casings.

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How does our dry natural casing born?

Natural dry casing of United Caro is the result of the evolution and natural improvement of the dry natural casing that already existed in the market since our dry natural casing is not LAMINATED CASING..

Our dry natural casing has become a product that can be tailored to the needs of our customers as it can be obtained in long and homogeneous strands of 8, 16 and 20 meters (according to calibers) and can be presented in hanks or tubed, straight or curved.

What is United Dry?

Natural dry casing United Dry is a natural casing dried, processed and rebuilt that has a superficial part of fat in a way that allows us to achieve perfect calibers and exact measurements, aspects that make it the perfect substitute in products that use natural hog casings: fatends, afterends etc.

Our United Dry casing possesses all the advantages associated with natural dry laminated casings.

Advantages of our dry natural casing

  • 100% natural casing.
  • It does not need to be stored cold.
  • Homogeneous caliber.
  • Long strands of 8, 16 or 20 meters (according to calibers).
  • Improves production processes as they are streamlined thanks to the characteristics of the product.
  • Absence of pores and breaks.
  • Qualitative improvement of the final product in which our casing is applied, referring to the use of natural beef casings – middles without flavors and strange smells.
  • Improves healing processes and adaptability to the final product.
  • Pelability.
  • Final product visually homogeneous.
  • Easy handling since you only have to moisten before stuffing (do not desalinate).
  • It allows cooking.
Natural dry Casings by United Caro