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Sunday, 05 November 2017
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Maextra Natural dry casing


Maextra is a new development of United Caro that combines in a 100% natural product all the advantages of the own natural casings with the ones provided by the artificial casings.

They are the result of the evolution and natural improvement of the dry natural casings that already exist in the market such as the laminated casings but that have been developed complying 100% with all the regulations of application at European level.

Maextra natural dry casings are natural casings that, through our drying processes, allow us to achieve perfect calibers and exact measurements, with the added value of being developed and manufactured completely in Spain.

United Caro manufactures Maextra in two formats:

  1. Maextra Straight casings up to 20 metres long and gauges from 30 to 65mm in diameter.
  2. Maextra casing pieces with a maximum length of 90 cms and calibres from 40 to 65mm in diameter. The pieces can be presented closed (so as not to use staples), tied with thread – with or without a loop – and open.

If you need more information about our Casing Maextra you can call us +34 958 71 22 83 or leave us your information in the following form. We will contact you to let you know all the details.

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    Advantages of our Maextra natural casing

    • 100% natural casing.
    • Does not need to be kept cold.
    • Homogeneous calibre.
    • Long strips of up to 20 metres.
    • Improves production processes as they are speedier thanks to the characteristics of the product.
    • Absence of pores and breaks.
    • Quality improvement of the final product in which our casing is used, compared to the use of natural casing of bovine – roscal origin as our product is free from foreign flavours and odours.
    • Improved curing processes and adaptability to the final product.
    • Peelability.
    • Visually homogeneous final product.
    • Easy to handle as it only needs to be moistened for stuffing (not desalinated).
    • Allows cooking.

    Master VS Dry Gut

    Made in Spain product, manufactured ensuring at all times compliance with the most high quality and food safety standards and the legal and regulatory requirements of implementation at national and European level.

    -Possibility of producing stick up to 20 meters.

    -Possibility of producing closed or tied pieces up to 90 cms.

    -Absence of strange smells and tastes.

    -More elasticity and flexibility ,better adapting to the stuffed mass.

    -Only needs 2 minutes in water at 30 degrees before being used.