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Natural Casings by United Caro
Products Catalogue

Our product catalogue will show you how the production, handling and distribution of the best Natural Casings for the meat industry has been and continues to be the driving force behind United Caro for more than seven decades.

Betting on the innovation of our production systems and our products, to which we dedicate a good part of our resources, leads to the achievement of new advances that result in quality, variety of applications and in obtaining greater professional performance of United Caro products.

Especta Cular by United Caro


Our new natural pig casing

Vegetal Casings by United Caro

Vegetal Casings

Pfor those who opt for the consumption of products other than those of animal origin

Natural Dry Casings by United Caro

Natural Dry Casings

Combines the advantages of natural and artificial casings

Natural Sheep Casings United Caro

Natural Sheep Casings

For fresh and cured sausages with small diameters

Natural Hog Casings By United Caro

Natural Hog Casings

Larger calibres for sausages such as chorizo or butifarra

Natural Beef Casings By United Caro

Natural Beef Casings

Raw, cooked or cured sausages