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Especta Cular By United Caro


United Caro, as it has been doing since the inception, has among the pillars, innovation and development aiming to offer the best solutions and the best products adapted to the needs of our customers.

For the abovementioned reasons we have developed Especta-Cular, a natural casing from the large intestine of pigs (fatend and afterend) with the goal of improving the characteristics of traditional fatends and afterends since we have achieved that our casing has a consistent caliber, absence of flavors and strange ordors, enhance their resistance and decrease their bacterial load.
Especta-Cular is available in different calibers and for different types of curing.

Additional information

  • The structure is adaptable to curing needs of the client.

Available calibers: 50/55/60/65/70/75

If you need more information about our Casing Especta Cular you can call us +34 958 71 22 83 or leave us your information in the following form. We will contact you to let you know all the details.