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Tripa de ovino para embutir salchichas

Sheep Casings

Sheep casings are casings of narrower calibers, ideal for fresh and cured sausages of small diameters. They are used to make red and white sausage, fresh sausage, Easter sausage, Bockwurst sausage, chistorra, Frankfurt sausage,…

These casings combine a tender texture but with a great resistance to withstand the stuffing, cooking and smoking. The color varies according to the country of origin; It ranges between white, beige and grayish, but this variation does not indicate quality, strength, smoke permeability, etc.


In United Caro we have different standarts:

  • Presentation format:
    • Bag. 2 hanks per bag. Brine conservation.
    • Net. 1 hanks per net. Conservation in salt.
    • Pot. 2 hanks per pot. Brine conservation.

Below we show you the sausages that can be made with the different calibers sheep casing, besides the capacity that each casings may contain approximately.

Caliber Approximate capacity Product examples
19/21 17-18kg White sausage, Red sausage
20/22 21-23kg Frankfurt, White sausage, Red sausage, Fresh Longaniza, Easter Longaniza.
22/24 25-27kg Frankfurt, White sausage, Red sausage, Fresh Longaniza, Chistorra, Easter Longaniza.
24/26 27-29kg Frankfurt, Easter Longaniza.

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