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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Natural hog casings for sausage production, allow to create products with a maximum quality and with the best flavor, odor and excellent texture to be able to enjoy this product. Hog casings are sold in "hanks" which is the most common unit of measure. Each hank is approximately 91 meters long. In Ecotrip we have different standarts: Ecotrip bag: conservation in brine. 2 hanks per bag. Cubes of

We all know the typical sausages of our country, but what type of sausage is consumed in the rest of the world? Today at Ecotrip we tell you about it. We start with Germany. German sausages are recognized in the world for their quality, the most famous in this country are: Bratwurst: These sausages vary depending on which region they belong to, with at least 40 varieties