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  •  News   •  Grupo Caro purchases 50% of Marfi Casings

Grupo Caro purchases 50% of Marfi Casings

Today we would like to show you in our blog, the news published by Eurocarne about our company:

“The Spanish firm Grupo Caro Salmerón, dedicated to production and distribution of natural casings under the brand name Ecotrip, has just promoted the internationalization of its activities through the purchase of 50% of the shares of the Brazilian firm, Marfi Casings, located in Sao Paulo. The entry into this company with such important participation comes to show the clear commitment made by the company to the Latin American market. The objective is to increase the turnover of Ecotrip over the next few years while increasing knowledge in the sector and the different markets. It should be noted that in the next edition of Tecno Fidta, from September 20 to 23, Ecotrip and Marfi Casings will be there showing their new range of natural dry casings to look into “revolutionizing the international market of natural casings” the company says in its statement.”



Installations of Grupo Caro Salmerón S.L.U., located in Baza (Granada).

Installations of Grupo Caro Salmerón S.L.U., located in Baza (Granada).