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How to get more energy at your breakfast?

As everyone already knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we wake up in the morning, after all the night in rest, the food that we ingest during the later supper already has been digested and needs that we refill it. Therefore, breakfast is very important to start the activity and to obtain the necessary energy to be able to endure all day. One of the types of food that provides more energy at breakfast is pork.

Pork contains a high dose of thiamin (Vitamin B1), which helps maintain energy and vitality at high levels. It is a substance that helps our body convert carbohydrates into energy and therefore helps strengthen the nervous system, because its function depends mainly on glucose. When we eat pork, our body is prepared to burn a greater number of calories and we find more energy to be able to fulfill our daily tasks. In addition, it leaves us more satisfied and therefore we avoid the feared snacking between hours.

Not having breakfast is a mistake that some people can make! When we do not have breakfast, the feeling of hunger at midday is greater and it is more complicated to satisfy it. At lunch, we will feel more tired by the effort that our body has had to carry out throughout the morning and only with a meal we will not be able to recover all that energy that we should have ingested at breakfast.

This bad habit increases the probability of obesity, because having more hunger makes us eat more abundantly to feel satisfied. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to become aware of how important breakfast is for our body.

Pork has fewer calories and saturated fat than we imagine, in addition to having less cholesterol than other animal-type proteins. There are many types of breakfasts, as we discussed in the previous post about: Where do we have breakfast today?. All are appetizing, but today we recommend a healthy and balanced diet and a breakfast rich in pork.

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