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Beef Casings

Beef casing is characterized by having a wider caliber and are suitable for high-quality sausage raw, cooked or cured. To make products such as blood sausage or butifarra. Its preservation is in salt and there are two types of beef casings, middles and rounds.

In addition, there are beef caps that have the largest caliber of beef casings and are used for cooked and cured sausages.

At Ecotrip, we have different tandarts:

– For rounds:

  • Cubes of 8, 22, 40 hanks and big barrels.

-For middles:

  • Cubes of 5, 10, 25 hanks and big barrels.

– For caps:

  • Cubes of 100 pieces and large barrels.

Here we show you the sausages that can be made with the different calibers available in this type of beef casing:

Beef Rounds:

Special casing for cooked sausages such as blood sausage, sausage, white sausage, Catalan sausage, …

Beef Middles:

Caliber Examples
40/45 Blood Sausage from Burgos
45/50 Blood Sausage from Burgos
50/55 Blood Sausage from Burgos, blood Sausage from Huelva
55/60 Salchichón, blood Sausage from Huelva
60/65 Iberian Loin


Beef Caps: 

Sausages such as mortadella, sobrasada or white loin can be made with beef caps.


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