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10 embutidos en el BOE

10 traditional sausages in the BOE

10 embutidos en el BOEIt is known that food legislation regulates techniques, ingredients, labeling and other processes to guarantee quality products. But it is less known that the Official State Bulletin also mentions some of the sausages that are made in Spain and that for its preparation and consumption are a traditional product. Ecotrip shows you ten of them:

  1. Bisbe, Bull: Product made from cooked meat, fat and tongue and sometimes other pork viscera, seasoned with salt and pepper, stuffed in large intestine or hog caps and then subjected to cooking. In some cases it may contain pig blood. In the Balearic Islands, sobrasada stuffed in hog stomach.
  2. Butifarra: Meat pork sausage made with meat, bacon, edible offals (lung, heart, kidneys and others), chopped after cooking, salt and other spices are added according to taste and custom, later stuffed into hog casing, and blanched.
  3. Chistorra: Mix of minced or chopped pork or pork and beef and bacon or pork fat, added salt paprika, kneaded and stuffed in natural casings or artificial casings that have undergone a short maturation-drying process with or without smoke, with a maximum size of 25 mm in finished product, characterized by its red color and its characteristic smell and taste.
  4. Chorizo de Pamplona: Sausage usually made with meat and fat of pork or pork and beef, although meat and fat from other authorized animals may also be used, chopped into small, well-defined grains, added with salt, paprika and other spices, condiments and ingredients, and optionally smoked. It has a slightly granulated external appearance, with or without external flora that could be noted at the cut surface, it offers a clear differentiation between meat and fat, it looks like “rice grain”, reddish in the flesh and more or less orange in the bacon.
  5. Salchichón de Málaga: Sausage product made with a mixture of minced or chopped meat, pork, or pork and beef, and bacon and pork fat, added salt, spices and seasonings, kneaded and stuffed in natural casings of caliber superior to 30 mm and up in a shape more or less curved and subjected to a short period of curing-maturing that gives it its characteristics of texture, flavor and aroma.
  6. Morcón: Mix of lean pork chosen from shoulder, coarsely chopped, to which usually salt, pepper, paprika and garlic are added and stuffed in thick casing (caps or pork morcón).
  7. White blood sausage: Cooked product, made from lean meat, bacon and pork tongue, eggs, bread crumbs, salt and other spices stuffed in natural casing or artificial casing.
  8. Longaniza de Aragón: Sausage of 20 to 70 cm in length in the form of a horseshoe, made with minced pork, seasoned, kneaded, stuffed in casing of the caliber 25-40 mm and subjected to curing and maturing, which ensures a good stability as well as a characteristic color, smell, taste and shape.
  9. Fuet: Type of a fine sausage with a varied diameter that has a characteristic whitish exterior color due to the mold or flower formed in its preparation.
  10. Fariñón: Product made from pork fat, blood, onion, paprika, beaten egg, corn flour, salt and oregano. Stuffed in pork casing and cooked.

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